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Monday, February 1, 2010

New L267 SNP may define distinct cluster of J2a4

Family Tree DNA's Walk Through the Y program has yielded hundreds of new SNP's that are helping to define the Y-Chromosome Tree. One such SNP, named L267 was recently found in a participant in the program whose paternal origin lies in Calabria, Southern Italy. The mutation, an A to G transition at position 2948591 on the Y chromosome is thus far, unique to this participant. The mutation was not found in other participants from other J2a4 subclades, J2-M67 and J2-L25 (rs34534058). Thus, it appears L267 could define a subclade under J2a4.

Similar haplotypes come largely from Eastern Anatolia and Armenia indicative of the possibility of a more recent spread from Anatolia to Italy for this cluster. The cluster can be viewed in the Haplogroup J project's results identified as J2a4 Cluster C. Further testing of this SNP is in progress.

Additional SNP's have also been identified in J2a4h (L25) including L192.2, L229, L230, L231, L243, L254 and L264 which so far look to define clusters within this subclade of J2, M172.