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Monday, May 30, 2011

Haplogroup J2 subclade M340 downstream of P279

Recent testing at Family Tree DNA has confirmed that a very rare subclade of J2, M340 reported in Anatolia in the paper "Excavating Y-Chromosome Haplotype Strata in Anatolia" has been shown to reside downstream of an equally rare subclade P279. Both P279 and M340 reside upstream of L26 and L27, SNP's derived in many but not all M172 haplotypes.

To date only 4 cases of the P279 subclade (formerly referred to as J2a3) have been reported FTDNA as well as 2 cases from published data. King and Underhill reported M340 in a sample from region 8-Western Coastal Anatolia. Other known cases to date are also from Anatolia, Syria, and single samples have been reported with origins in Southern Russia and Southern France.