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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1000 Genomes Project yielding informative SNP's for Haplogroup J2

The 1000 genomes project, with data freely available to the scientific community, is providing a multitude of informative markers to the Y-DNA Tree. Within J2 a number of new SNP's have been identified, including Z387 which may split current haplogroup J2a4h (L24, M530). Within this subclade of J2, some key clusters were identifiable by Short Tandem Repeats, especially at DYS 445 where values of 6 and 10 are largely observed whereas most M172 derived haplotypes carry repeats of 12 at this marker. Testing is still in its initial stages but results thus far are showing that DYS445=6 haplotypes are Z387 derived and DYS 445=10 haplotypes are ancestral for this SNP. Previously, a marker, L70, had identified a large subset of the DYS 445=6 haplotypes, with the exception of one cluster. Z387 may turn out to be an informative Y-SNP which identifies most or all J2a4h haplotypes with the apparent deletion at DYS 445=6.

Y Draft Tree graphic courtesy of Thomas Krahn, DNA-Fingerprint. A number of other 1000 genomes SNP's within Haplogroups J1 and other subclades of J2 are being researched by a variety of projects including the Y-Haplogroup J project at Family Tree DNA headed by Bonnie Schrack.