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Monday, December 15, 2008

Update on rs35248080

The SNP found in Haplogroup J2, rs35248080 should likely split the M410 branch of J2 into 2 large subgroups. Those positive for rs35248080 seem to include all or part of 2 J2 clusters referred to as J2a1h (ISOGG) also known as J2a-Lambda (J2 Y-DNA Project) as well as another cluster, pre-J2a1h (Haplogroup J project) or J2a-Beta (J2 Y-DNA Project). Thus far haplotypes which are M67+ are negative for the SNP rs35248080, haplotypes in J2a that do not carry the deletion at DYS 413 are also negative. Participants in J2b are also negative. Haplotypes which carry a distintive 9 repeats at DYS 450 as well as 6 or 10 repeats at DYS 445 which define J2a1h/J2a-Lambda and pre-J2a1h/J2a-Beta respectively have tested positive for the new SNP. Testing is ongoing.


Al Aburto said...

Questions remain however. How about J2a1a (M47)? Will it fall under rs35248080 or not? Also, how about J2a1h1 (M137), J2a1h2 (M289), and J2a1h3 (M318), as currently designated by the ISOGG, will they still fall under J2a1h? It appears that the exact nature of rs35248080, now designated as L24 by FTDNA, is still uncertain in some respects.

Anonymous said...

Hi David

Is rs35248080 SNP test availbale by FTDNA?