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Sunday, February 15, 2009

YCC J2a13 P279 likely resides above 413 deletion

The YCC Subclade J2a13 (ISOGG J2a1j) defined by the SNP P279 has been found derived in one FTDNA Haplogroup J project participant who's paternal line originates is Southern France. It is among the first examples of this very rare subclade found to date, and the result will also likely allow ISOGG researchers to more properly place this subclade on Y chromosome tree. The reason is that this participant carries values of 22 and 22 at DYS 413. This marker, DYS 413, in J2, is usually found with values at or near 17 and it is believed this deletion event represents a division of J2 which is likely now defined by SNP's L26 and L27 (L26=rs34126399). Thus, the P279 result shows that P279 is a branch of J2 which falls into the group that does not carry these SNP's, L26 and L27.

The participant only has one 1 step mismatch from Syria on public databases including YHRD, SMGF and Ysearch.

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