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Monday, March 16, 2009

FTDNA releases updated Haplogroup J2 tree

Family Tree DNA has updated their nomenclature for the various subclades of Haplogroup J2a. They have incorporated the new L24 and L25 SNP's which refer to rs35248080 and rs34534058 respectively. They have also updated the position of P279 above the deletion at DYS 413, which is represented by L26 (rs34126399). This update thus recognizes L24/L25, a sizeable branch of haplogroup J2 which previously was only identified by FTDNA as J2a (M410). However, they'll need to revise yet again, as research from Thomas Krahn seems to show some haplotypes are L24 positive or derived but L25 negative or ancestral. He has also identified a further SNP in these haplotypes which is being called L84. DNA fingerprint seems to show one of the more up to date Haplogroup J trees here . The DNA fingerprint tree is also more legible in part, since it references the SNP 's by name and not by a constantly evolving numbering system.


Chris R. said...

I'm tested M102- M12- M137- M158- M163- M166- M172+ M205- M267- M280- M304+ M339- M365- M367- M368- M369- M390- M47- M62- M67- M68- M92- M99-.
now I ordered the Y-DNA J2* Deep Haplogroup Clade test extension and hope in additional info.

Anonymous said...

L25-L25 - according to FTNDA - Unknown relationship to other J-M410 SNPs.

Anonymous said...

Marker Name: L25

Display Name: rs34534058

Ancestral: T

Derived: C

Phylogeny: Found within J-M410. Downstream of L26. Synonymous to L24. Brother clade to M47, M67, M68, and M319. Upstream of M137 and M158. Unknown relationship to other J-M410 SNPs.

Frequency: Frequently positive in J-M410.

Anonymous said...

In stemmatics (the reconstruction of manuscript genealogy) a derived
character state is simply an "error", or more precisely an "indicative
error", and the ancestral state is the sought-for "original reading".

Anonymous said...

"These SNPs are largely unexplored. The exact topology and
the frequency in the population are entirely unknown" Thomas Krahn - FTDNA

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